Speed ​​governors

Speed governors by Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, Daihatsu, Diesel Kiki and Zexel

Hydraulic equipment

Supply of hydraulic equipment like hydraulic presses, hand pumps, drive cylinders and more besides.

Supply of parts

Supply of original spare parts for Woodward governors and other brands of governors, and spare parts for engines.


Stocked brands

woodward, Regulateurs europa, zexel, daihatsu, enerpac and others

Sirtec is a Service Centre for Regulateurs Europa, a business partner for Woodward, and a distributor for Enerpac. Our company, based in Genoa, offers a wide range of brands of speed governors to meet the needs of all Italian and foreign customers.

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Regulaters Europa

contact us

for information, quotes or emergencies

If you would like a quote for the overhaul and coating of speed ​​governors, or for other services, please contact Sirtec, a leader in the industry based in Genoa.

We serve customers all around Italy and abroad.

Our many years of experience, fast service also on site, and flexibility, allow us to guarantee high-quality results at competitive costs.

Call the number +39 010 6503836 or complete the form on this page.

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